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Slide Retainer manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters are a part of the industry that is constantly growing.

Indian Techno Accessories Co. has different products and services to offer and our brand has been around for over more than 12 years. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas to improve their products. The Slide Retainer has to meet the demands of the customers, so they need to come up with innovative ideas that will help them in the process.

Our Slide Retainer products are designed to be easy to install, and not only does it meet industry standards but they will also keep your slides safe from any type of damage and they are hard to replace. We also offer a wide range of accessories for home use such as furniture, lighting, kitchen appliances, and many more.

The Slide Retainer provides quality products at reasonable prices. We are professionals in their field and they have an extensive range of accessories to fulfil all your needs in the market.

What is Slide Retainer?

The Slide Retainer manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters are a kind of magnetic holder that holds slides in place on a projector screen. In the past, the Slide Retainer was used for static presentations. But now, it can be used for dynamic presentations as well. The Slide Retainer is also known as a magnetic holder.

It is mainly used to hold up to 60 slides at one time and it can be mounted on a wall or on a table. It has two types of holders - magnetic and non-magnetic holders. The magnetic ones are more suitable for static presentations whereas the non-magnetic ones are more suitable for dynamic presentations.

Industrial Retainer equipment is a special kind of equipment that is used to keep the slides in their place. They are designed to be easy to use and very reliable. These retainers come in different sizes and shapes.


Slide Retainer manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters is a device that produces slides in a very short time. It has a small footprint and is powered by batteries. The device is used to produce presentations at a rate of up to 300 slides per hour. The industrial slide retainer can be installed in many types of industrial plants, such as factories, mines and chemical plants.

It can be used in industrial plants to retain the slides during the process of printing. It is designed for the purpose of retaining and storing the printed slides, which are used for woodworking machines and other machinery.

The advantage of the Slide Retainer is that it makes the customers feel comfortable about giving a presentation and being able to see all the slide content on a large screen, which means more effective presentations.

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