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The Mould/Mold Date Indicator are a very important part of the industry. We are responsible for manufacturing mould dates and other accessories for the electronics industry. We make it possible to manufacture components that are required by the industries like electronics and automotive industries.

Our expert team is a good choice for those who need to know about all aspects of the product or service they are buying from the company. This would be an ideal choice if you are looking for reliable information and guidance on your purchase. We Mould/Mold Date Indicator are known for the model specific products, which are unique and a product of their own design.


Mould/Mold Date Indicator manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters. It is a measure of the durability of a product. It is used to tell if a product will last for long or not. It is used in the construction industry, where it helps to predict which products will last longer than others. It measures the amount of time it takes for a material to begin to change from an unsightly state to an acceptable one.

It is equipment that helps you to identify the year of manufacture of a product. The Mould/Mold Date Indicator can be used to determine the year of manufacture, but it can also be used for other purposes. The date varies with the manufacturers because it can be used from various manufacturers' industrial scales.

It also measures the thickness of the wall in a room. It is used to determine whether the wall is safe from mould growth. It can be used for any type of construction, including concrete, masonry and wood. Nowadays, manufacturers can use it to check the quality of their products.


Mould/Mold Date Indicator manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters. It is a device which records the date of molding. This equipment can be used for various purposes and is widely used in mould making industries.

It works by measuring the amount of heat generated when a piece of metal is struck with an object like hammer or sledgehammer. The temperature created by the strike is proportional to how old the metal is and thus it can be used to determine its age.

The data is recorded and used for each batch of metal made to help in the process of determining when a particular piece was made. The scanner can be used as a tool for manufacturers, who want to determine the age of metals that were produced by them. It also helps to determine the shelf life of products.

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