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The Brass Ball Cage is a popular product used in many mechanical systems. It is a cylindrical metal tube with a ball at the end. It has an inner diameter of 5mm and an outer diameter of 20mm. The ball is made of bronze, copper, or steel and can be customized to any size and shape. It’s used in industrial machinery, electrical machines, and automobiles to provide protection from shock.

We are manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters of Brass Ball Cage is a popular piece of equipment in the steel industry. It is used to separate molten metal from the molten flux, which can be seen as a continuous flow of metal. The process involves melting and cooling down a large amount of steel, which then becomes the alloy for steam engines and other mechanical parts.

This is a very hot process and must be performed in an environment that does not allow burning. The Iron Furnace has been used for over a century, with many older furnaces still in use today. They are designed to burn coal, as well as coke or other storable oil which may become available as the furnace ages.


We are manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters of Brass Ball Cage is a type of machinery used for the production of high-quality components and parts. The equipment is designed to produce components that are made from brass, which is a metal alloy.

The machine is used to manufacture different components such as, for example; openers (for connecting mastic and other materials), jaws or caps, sealers and springs. The Industrial Ball Cylinder can be widely used in many industries such as food and beverage industry.


Brass Ball Cage is widely used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, construction and mining. We also have other uses such as roller bearing manufacturing, electronics and instrumentation manufacturers.

Key Specialities:

  • Toughened Brass and Aluminium material
  • Proper Sturdiness and excellent quality
  • Complete Durability
  • Good performance criteria

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