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Indian Techno Accessories Co. is the leading Piercing Punches manufacturer, supplier, dealer, exporter in Pune. We have been able to build a niche brand in the Indian market. We are founded in the year 2008 and have offices in Pune.

The Piercing Punches suppliers in Pune have a team of professionals who work on their manufacturing processes from raw material procurement till final product. We have been manufacturing a wide range of products for the automotive industry and have also set up its own manufacturing facilities in Pune.

The Piercing Punches in Pune has various product lines to cater to different needs of our customers. We are focused on improving productivity and increase the bottom line. We have built a reputation for quality products at affordable prices with an extensive range of accessories available online and offline in India.

Introduction: Piercing Punches

The Piercing Punches manufacturer, supplier, dealer, exporter in Pune is used to punch holes in the material. It can be found in a number of different sizes and shapes, but most of them are quite similar and are very easy to use. The Piercing Punch is often used to make holes into thicker materials, including leather goods such as wallets, belts and shoes.

There are several types of Piercing Punches. The most common are the punching and cutting punches, which can be used to punch holes in the material. The cutting punches can be used to cut or trim materials. A piercing punch is designed specifically for this purpose. It is designed to cut into a material just like a knife, but it does not get stuck in the material and can therefore be reused again and again.

The Piercing Punch makes a hole in material using a rotating punch. You can use the punching punch and other tools to make holes into material so that you are able to apply pressure without damaging the surface texture. The process for punching holes in leather is simple and needs very few tools and materials.

Features: Piercing Punches

Piercing Punches manufacturer, supplier, dealer, exporter in Pune are used to make holes in metal. We are used to produce holes in metal by punching. This is done using the help of machine tools and robots. We are used to protect the paintwork and to enhance its look. Punches are available in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is their affordability.

A feature of Piercing Punches is that they can be used for multiple purposes and can be used for a wide range of tasks. A feature that differentiates industrial piercing punches from other machines is that they have the ability to be used in multiple directions. This allows them to work more efficiently than other machines, such as lathes or milling machines.

Piercing Punches are used to produce parts that are precise and precise. This is done by punching holes in metal. When a machine is started, it will start boring the holes in the metal by using the precision of its industrial piercing punches. Punching holes does not just make them large, but creates features such as angles, angles, and curves on them.


Piercing Punches manufacturer, supplier, dealer, exporter in Pune are a set of equipment that provide a high quality and precise punch through the material. These Punches are made of stainless steel and feature a 3D-printed handle with a radial pattern design. They are equipped with 8 different cutting blades in order to make precise holes when used in industrial environments.

Each Punch is unique and can be bought as an individual or a set consisting of two Industrial Punches, one for the left hand side and another for the right hand side.

Piercing Punches in Pune are used in industries to create holes in materials such as glass, metal and ceramics. They can be used in many different industries including automotive, construction, aerospace and electronics.


Piercing Punches are used in a variety of industries like manufacturing, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical.

We are also used for puncturing metal products and other objects. It is a very simple process, which can be done in your home at your convenience. The whole procedure is only this you need to go to a gas station store and purchase the proper gas piercing tools that are designed especially for piercing and puncture.

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