Mould/Mold Parting Lock Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Exporters in Pune

We are manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters of Mould/Mold Parting Lock in Pune.

Indian Techno Accessories Co. is the leading Mould/Mold Parting Lock in Pune. We make a range of variety of sheet products that are sold in the market. The quality of these products is high and they are available at affordable prices and are ensured by the well-researched and tested raw materials.

It has been able to make a niche in this segment by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Our products are manufactured using advanced techniques and technology. We have the best quality products in their range. The range is extensive and covers all aspects of locksmithing.

The Mould/Mold Parting Lock in Pune is manufactured at the most advanced facilities and at the most competitive prices. We provide high-quality mold parts to all industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, and mechanical industries. We have a good reputation for quality and reliability.

What does Mould/Mold Parting Lock mean?

We are manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters of Mould/Mold Parting Lock in Pune; it is a technique for creating a mold on a part of the part. It can be used for many other things like making molds for plastics, rubber and metal parts, etc. It can work on simple molds such as for plastic fittings and is a lot easier to make than using wire.

It is a mechanical device that splits the lock into two parts and allows the user to open it. When part of the lock is removed and the other part is inserted into a cylinder, it fits like a key inside the lock. The resulting mechanism can still be used to open a lock but only if both parts are removed at the same time.

The Mould/Mold Parting Lock consists of the following parts:

  • The Mould/Mold Parting Lock manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Pune consist of a part that has a hole drilled in it. This hole will have either one or more pin-holes in it. The pin-holes are then threaded through the part.
  • A guide bar is inserted into the Mould/Mold Parting Lock and a pin-hole punched in it at the correct angle.
  • A form is then placed over this guide bar and the pin-hole punched out of it at such an angle as to leave a small part that will fit into the first member of pitting on one side, but not on the other side.


Mould/Mold Parting Lock is a device that can be used to create a mould on the surface of a product. It can be used in factories, warehouses and other locations where there is no access to clean surfaces. This can help with the production of new products and also increase productivity during the manufacturing process.

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