HSS Piercing Punches in Chennai


What are Punches? Where did they use it?

The punch tool is made of hard steel or tungsten carbide. It is a rod of hard metal with a narrow tip at one end and broadly flat at another end.
They are used to make précising holes by shearing. They are also used for forming impressions on a work piece and to transfer places of holes in patterns.
They are involved in various applications like punching holes, drilling, removing damaged bolts, rivets or pins, etc. It is involved in the metalworking process in the manufacturing industry. Punches can create holes in a variety of shapes.

What are the Features in our Punches tool?

We provide the no.1 punching tool with easy-to-handle material. Our tool has high compression resistance and high impact resistance. It shows maximum fatigue strength. The material we use is best for various punching conditions like work-piece, the quantity of production, and lubrication.

Key specialties:

  • Resource efficient processing
  • Maximum Hardness
  • Punching, forming, and debarring
  • Complete tool flexibility
  • Quality available for all requirements
  • Automation is customized

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