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Indian Techno Accessories Co. is a leading manufacturer of die spring accessories and other die spring components. We Die spring manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Chennai have been in the industry for over more than 14 years and have developed a reputation for manufacturing quality products at affordable prices.

Our products are available in a wide range of styles and designs. The die springs have an excellent reputation for quality, design and the variety of products it offers. We are known for the high-quality products which are manufactured using premium materials with top-notch craftsmanship in Chennai.

The Die Spring supplier has successfully managed to grow into one of the largest manufacturers in Chennai with their products used by many companies across various sectors including automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare and others. Our products are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and they are manufactured using only quality materials.


Die Spring manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Chennai are a special type of equipment that enables the production of metal parts. It can be used to produce anything from motor parts and machine components to furniture and other household items. The spring is a metal structure and can be bent, twisted, compressed or deformed in a variety of shapes.

It can also be made from many different kinds of materials. You can use the spring's elasticity to produce any kind of useful equipment, like springs that resist bending and/or twisting, springs that resist compression (such as to form a corset). It is used in factories, mines, power plants, gas stations and homes.

It produces a Die spring in the form of coils. It is used to produce springs for making various parts. The spring is produced by the rings. Machine components are usually used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Spring pressure flows to make a spring, but it can be used in other fields of activity too.


It consists of two parts: Die, Spring

The die is the part that forms the shape of the part to be formed. The spring is a metal cylinder that pushes the die into place, thus forming it.

Die Spring manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Chennai have two faces. The upper face is called the “Cutting Face” and the lower face is called the “Blank Face”. The shaping motion of a die consists of both cutting (cutting with a knife) and pressing (pressing against) components to form a part.

The spring is what makes the machine work, making it go from rest to full speed in a matter of seconds or minutes. It also has an internal gear system that allows it to turn at high speeds when needed.

Uses: Die Spring

Die Spring manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters in Chennai are an assembly process that uses machines and robots to assemble materials into a finished product. It is used in the manufacturing industry for assembling parts like bearings, gears, and other components into products.

The outer casing of a bearing is cut with a laser and then inserted into a mechanical fitting. A robot measures the position of the hole in the part and sends instructions to the machine that moves it in order to fit it to that spot.

Key Specialties:

  • Strict and heavy performance
  • Bulk production
  • Corrosion and rusting resistance
  • Excellent design
  • Long-life guaranteed service

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